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COVID-19 crisis has hit us hard. Talking about business strategy in today's time, pandemic is inevitably having a huge impact on how companies recruit new talent. Companies are unable to hire full-time employees because of budget freezes but still work needs to be done.

In situation like this, they have no choice but to turn to contractors and remote workers. Businesses including small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are looking to hire professionals on a contract, remote or project basis to conserve cash.

Hiring individuals on a contractual basis allows firms to maintain relevant staff levels and retain available talent, while reducing costs as they are not obligated in providing benefits such as insurance, provident fund (PF), etc. 

Today, we can see a clear trend in contractual hiring! The trend is great news as businesses are back hiring again. This is presenting a huge opportunity for professionals to get started as a contractor or a freelancer. Professionals can stay ahead of the curve by paying attention to hiring trends and learning opportunities. By knowing where to look and which skills are needed, they may be able to use this unpredictable time to change careers or even land a dream job. When the economy is stable, it’s easy to feel secure about your income and your lifestyle but, when the economy takes a downturn, many people lose their illusion of stability. One of the best ways to restore a sense of control and confidence is through pursuing contracting or remote work.

In response to demand for more contract workers and remote workersTechfynder a global contracting recruitment platform is expanding beyond tech to the sectors like Banking, Accounting & Finance, Insurance, Engineering, Human Resources & Recruitment, Pharmaceutical & Medical Devices, Life Sciences & Food, Sales & Marketing located globally. 


Professionals from all the above sectors will now be able to find contracting job opportunities on Techfynder and connect with top-notch companies globally. We take all of the current issues contractors are experiencing due to the change in the market and provide them with viable solutions. Techfynder will now help you find opportunities in your desired industry that fit your ideal lifestyle and career goals. 

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