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3 ways to find your passion & live a more fulfilling life

The most common complaint among people is that they struggle to find their passion. A Stanford research paper, called “Finding Your Passion or Developing It?” concluded that interests and passions are fixed, rather than fluid and evolving as we age. 

Besides, the research Workforce Evolution Study, conducted by the company  HP, revealed that ‘’as the pandemic accelerates workforce innovation, employees are prioritizing the pursuit of personal passions, reskilling and retraining themselves for the future of work.’’

Following ideas and projects that make you feel motivated can lead you to marvellous experiences, and job opportunities you will enjoy and succeed in. It seems easy, but it can be challenging to define and follow what you are passionate about.

Finding your passion is an ongoing process, a lifelong journey. Although culture, experiences, and motivations vary from person to person, here are 3 actions to explore different ways to follow your inner voice for a more meaningful life and to reawaken your passions.


1. It’s all about you: your idea, hobby, or duties you’re genuinely passionate about

Try to remember your favourite hobbies as a kid and the profession you dreamed to follow as an adult, paying special attention to things you love, that make you excited and bring you joy. Also, looking back into your career, what were the jobs you disliked the most? What about duties that made you put a genuine smile on your face? Make a list with your answers.

2. Time to narrow down and refine your vision

Now go through your list. If you’re passionate about cooking, for example, it’s time for you to plan the best actions and decisions to bring you to that path. Although many things will bring you enjoyment, now is the time to narrow down, making it as achievable and rewarding as it can be.

To sum up, you need to formulate the steps that need to be followed so you can unlock your true calling.

3. Taking daily action

After research and careful planning, the last stage requires patience, flexibility, and enthusiasm. It involves taking daily actions in the direction of your dream or passion, whatever you call it. Finding your love is fundamental, but it’s just the first step. To live doing what you love you’ll need to be disciplined.

During your life you can have multiple passions that may change during each stage of your journey. But you should strive to find what you truly love and make you smile. It will seem difficult at first, however, as time goes you will find rewards along the way. Your life will be fulfilled by pursuing what you love and make you happy.

Everyone has a passion and smiles for different reasons. And this is what makes Techfynder smile. 

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