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Share your contracting story with us to help inspire others!

Stories have the power to teach, unify and empower. 

That is why every story matters.

We invite you to share your success story and tell us how choosing contracting as a career is making a difference in your life. We'd love to hear about your triumphs, and also about your challenges in this journey. 

By sharing your success story, you can provide inspiration and motivation to other professionals who are planning to do contracting. Tell us your story and you could have the pleasure of having it written and published by us on our blogs and newsletter.

Will you share your story with us? Perhaps you have a blog that you have been documenting on your professional journey that you’d like to highlight?

You choose how your story is used:

  • You can choose to remain anonymous if you do not want to identify yourself
  • You can choose the channels we use to share your story (social media/blogs/newsletter etc)
  • We’ll always get in touch each time we would like to share your story

We know stories are very personal, so rest assured that we will not publicise anything until we have spoken to you and you’ve given your final approval.

Enter your story by the 25th of February to be in a draw to win an Amazon gift voucher of €100.The winner will be notified through email the next day.

If you’d like to share your experience to inspire others, consider sharing your story here

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