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4 key tips to starting a successful international career

An international move may seem very challenging, and in fact, it is. But it can be invaluable as a means to advance a professional career as well as offering diverse benefits and advantageous life opportunities. Going after an international career can be an aid to a talented professional, while also offering an expanded network and various opportunities to people from different cultures.

Evaluating potential opportunities and considering practical realities involved in such a move is essential. Here are four key things you’ll need to consider before you can head out to a new path:

1. Be open-minded: lifestyle, culture & choice of location

Ask yourself if you are willing to make huge decisions about your career move but also your lifestyle. Working internationally requires a certain level of adaptability, so you need to be aware that you might face a dramatic change in terms of culture. You will need to manage the change to adapt to this new society - shifting attitudes, practices and much more. If you are primarily interested in an international experience as a way of enhancing your career trajectory, consider that this path goes beyond professional life.

As for the location, it's crucial that you define what you want to achieve with this major life change. Therefore, consider if this is an emerging market, the opportunities available, role responsibilities, salary, taxes, and last but not least, the cost of leaving.


2. Same old? Not anymore

Being a Software Developer in India can be completely different in Germany because of many different aspects. You may have the expertise, but you will have to deal with a distinct cultural customer base and rapidly identify the patterns of this market, adapting work habits, and reinventing knowledge to manage activities and deliver the best results to the business.

Being able to work in different countries, industries and markets can definitely be a positive mark on your career road. This exceptional experience will significantly boost your attractiveness to hires.

3. Discover genuine friends overseas

It can be hard to get yourself settled into a new country where you don’t know anyone. That sense of disconnect from what means home can be tough. Try to make new friends on the ground who can show you the ropes.

4. Keep your eye on the prize & wear many hats

Don’t get stuck on a specific job or location. You know what you want to achieve so look at the big picture and don’t get stuck in trying to find exactly the equivalent role you want - be open to new opportunities.

From time to time, you may need to make a small backward move to find yourself in a new market and country. Working overseas also gives you a unique opportunity to develop new skills and also change interests, hobbies and political outlook.

Get yourself on track and build new connections, you never know what you might discover or where these experiences might lead you later in your career. 

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