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How do productivity tools help to improve business workflow?

Editor’s Note: This guest post was contributed by Sumant Lohar, Blogger at

Many businesses worry about the simplified and lucrative workflow where they can manage their daily tasks efficiently. They have an excellent team, good environment, client-base & even infrastructure. But what they lack is the execution of managing tasks in optimum time. 

This creates barriers for their company to achieve foreseen goals in a stipulated timeline. So, the question how do they improve productivity using some amazing and handy tools? To understand this, we need to get into the details of workflow within an organization.

Generally, you can get to know in this manner:

  • Understanding client requirements.
  • Analyzing the desired goals. 
  • Research work to get into the perspective of the client.
  • Setting up a timeline based on the requirement.
  • Allotment of team size as per the timeline, budget and number of tasks.
  • Seamless communication among the team members for a particular project.
  • Monitoring of execution of each task, ensuring it meets deadlines.
  • Performance-tuning, resources, case studies to be implemented.
  • Handling of unexpected situations occurs.
  • Synchronization of each task among each team member to follow the timeline.
  • Delivery of the end product.
  • After delivery support for the customers, helping them to attain business goals.


These are the essential tasks every organization need to follow for each project. Do you think that it is easy to manage all these tasks? Well, the answer is yes. You can manage all these tasks and yield higher profits through saving precious investing in research work and stepping into newer domains. But how can you do that?

There are plenty of productivity tools that you can use within your organization to simplify the execution, communication and on-time delivery of the project. Some of these tools are Google Drive, Slack, Asana, Toggl, Workstatus, Trello & lots of other productivity tools.

Advantages of using productivity tools

1. Enhanced performance

Yes, performance is one of the essential factors while working on client projects. And you need to distribute tasks equally within your team to get things going in the right direction. Here, it would help if you had tools to synchronize the workflow and segment down tasks.

2. Effortless communication

Gone are the days when you had to communicate with your team running from cabin to cabin. Instead, you can now monitor each task, solve problems and rectify errors that your might be doing in real-time with just a few lines of message using communication tools like Slack.

3. Cost-effective task execution

Now, you need to worry about using heavy software for your venture, even if you have a large team size. Instead, you can access productivity tools at a much lower cost and manage your entire project at one clock. 

Most businesses have found productivity tools so efficient that they run their entire transactions, important meetings and task management using tools. Today, things are changing, and the approach needs to be revamped to meet the cutting edge demands of your customers. These productivity tools play a vital role in scaling up businesses like never before, giving high-end results.

Suppose you are a business owner, startup founder, investor or even a freelancer. In that case, this is the right time to start using productivity tools through exploration, A/B testing and identification of the right tools for your project workflow. We can see that the evolution of tools using emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence is constantly being adapted across the globe. 

Guest Blogger Bio

Sumant is a devoted tech-blogger based in Ahmedabad. He also specializes in crafting content/social media strategies for various brands as well as startups. His core strength lies in Instagram marketing, creativity and apart from that, podcasting is his new skill set. WordPress is a true inspiration for his blogging which made him capable of playing with creative words. He has also delivered talks globally at GoDaddy EMEA Event Speaker 2021, WordFest Live 2021 & always been an active WordPress community member since 2017.


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