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It goes without saying that working as a self-employed contractor is completely different to being in standard contractual employment. Many people favour this type of work due to its many benefits and it is incredibly desirable to IT professionals. Whether you’re looking for flexibility and variety or better pay and the ability to up skill, becoming an IT contractor is undeniably a great career choice.

Of course, like any other job, working as a freelance IT contractor does also have its own downsides and difficulties. Many people in the industry say that one of the hardest parts of working as a contractor is finding regular work. There is no denying that the success of self-employment rides on the ability to find new jobs and for this reason, many IT contractors choose to sign up to job alerts. If you’re considering doing this, keep reading today.

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Benefits of signing up to job alerts

Ideally, when working as an IT contractor you should have your next contract lined up before your current one has finished. This prevents any panic and uncertainty when your current role comes to an end and, you can ensure that you will never be without work. Whilst this is ideal, it isn’t always easy to do and there is no denying that finding new work can be difficult but, signing up for job alerts definitely helps.

Many job websites these days will offer a service where they can either text or email you job alerts that match your needs and every contractor should take advantage of this. This service will prevent you from wasting your time scrolling aimlessly through job websites and you can stay productive knowing that if someone requires services that you can provide then you will be notified. All in all, it is much quicker and easier to sign up for job alerts than it is to continuously attempt to source new work independently.

It is important to remember that clients tend to fill contractor jobs within days or even hours and often after a single telephone interview so, it is essential to act fast on any freelance IT jobs alerts that you receive. You have to be proactive in order to be a successful freelance IT contractor and if possible, you should be following up on every single job alert that you get if it meets your specific needs.

How Techfynder can help

The team at Techfynder understand just how important it is to have regular work when you’re a freelance IT contractor and, they also understand how difficult it can be to find this work, even if you are well networked. For this reason, when you sign up to their platform, you will receive regular relevant job alerts that you can act upon in no time. Unlike other job alerts you receive, the Techfynder alerts will be specific to you, they will match your experience, rates and location so, you can trust that every alert you get is worth viewing.

As one of the best IT contractor job sites, Techfynder allows you to view all contractor opportunities in live time and, for free. Our dedicated platform is specifically designed to help IT contractors in your situation plan their next contract and also work with some of the best companies in the industry. The platform is incredibly straightforward to use and it is smartly designed to help people find IT contractor jobs matching their profile, shortlist opportunities, manage applications and, in general, plan ahead.

If you have any questions at all about how the Techfynder platform works or the type of job alerts that you will receive when you sign up with us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today. and someone will gladly provide you with any additional information that you require in this regard.

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