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Top 7 digital workspace challenges that evolved since Covid-19

Editor’s Note: This guest post was contributed by Sumant Lohar, Blogger at

We have seen over the years that in-person contact with people has a lot of significance on your performance, thought process and psychology. But soon after the Covid-19, everything suddenly halted so that it was difficult for people to keep themselves motivated. Because it was all about digital workspace and one cannot work all the time efficiently sitting at home in front of the computer.

But there was no other way one could do to keep things moving forward. This brings us to a common question whether digital workspace has affected our lives, and are we facing challenges with that?

The evolution of Digital Workspace

A few years back, there was the least importance and awareness for the digital work ecosystem if we take a look. Since the pandemic, there has been an obvious surge in the implementation and necessity in almost every organization worldwide. 

Digital workspace has broken down all barriers of connecting with people physically irrespective of their places. Today, many organizations have completely switched over the digital workspace and have sold out their office locations. Even the employees have found more advantageous in working from home as they can now spend more time with their family members and their work.

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Digital Workspace Challenges

We are well aware of the fact that every new technology brings various challenges to tackle. The same is with a digital workspace where the productivity of employees, security of data shared and complete infrastructure of the organization is at stake.

Let us take a look at some of the core challenges faced in digital workspaces by organizations around the world today.

1. Seamless technology implementation

We are always amazed by the technology and its features. But there are times when you find it very difficult in figuring out the right technology for your organization and daily workflow. Most of your time is devoted towards finding the technology, compatible devices and above all, the data format that you can use with that technology.

2. Employee productivity

When employees work remotely, it becomes very difficult to keep up with their productivity level daily. This is because there is no work culture at home as you have at the workplace. This makes them less productive in whatever task they accomplish. And the amount of time performed for a task also increases deliberately.

3. Lack of communication

In the digital workplace, we have often seen that there is always a challenge for streamlining tasks on time and coordinating with the team working on a particular project. It makes it worse to maintain the synchronization among the internal team, and hence there rises huge confusion among each employee with that of their manager.

4. Data security

This is one of the most critical challenges for every organization implementing a digital workspace. You can have multiple options in other areas of your daily workflow but when it comes to working on a client project where you need to share important data with your team members is one of the biggest loopholes where the data can be compromised. 

And to secure that, you cannot do much at a primary level. Still, you need to build up infrastructure for your organization wherein each of the data shared is administered and monitored, ensuring that it does not reach out to the wrong hands in real-time or even after office hours.

5. Budget constraints

Many times you might have placed everything so well that the things look so simple and manageable. But when we talk about digital workspace requires a lot of external resources that you need to either purchase or develop. And this hits out so hard on your budget. You feel completely helpless because you are running out of budget, and your organization needs resources on a priority basis. 

6. Lack of consistency in workflow

When your employees are working from their homes, multiple challenges come up daily. Everyone within your organization does not necessarily have a reliable internet connection or a capable system to perform daily tasks related to the responsibilities allotted. 

This further delays the timeline and the number of tasks per day which directly affects the budget. Organizations feel that their employees are not doing it right, but in actual it's the circumstances that do not allow you to keep up with the flow. 

7. Employee mental stress

We all know why everyone is working in the digital workspace, and that's the Covid-19. Your employees start losing interest in work or get demotivated due to the odd environment around them. This is because they hear a lot about Covid-19 cases and how people are badly affected. Many employees have passed through the Covid situation, or their family members are affected by that. All of this hits hard into the people's minds, and because there is no constant with other team members, they often go through a severe depression. 


Digital workspace has made it easier for organizations to connect with their employees, but at the same time, there are lots of challenges that we can see. It will take some time to get normal with the digital workspace and the technology that we use. We hope that organizations and their employees can soon produce outperforming results as before, even in these odd times.

Guest Blogger Bio

Sumant is a devoted tech-blogger based in Ahmedabad. He also specializes in crafting content/social media strategies for various brands as well as startups. His core strength lies in Instagram marketing, creativity and apart from that, podcasting is his new skill set. WordPress is a true inspiration for his blogging which made him capable of playing with creative words. He has also delivered talks globally at GoDaddy EMEA Event Speaker 2021, WordFest Live 2021 & always been an active WordPress community member since 2017.


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