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Here at Techfynder, we completely understand the struggles that professionals face when trying to secure a job in the contracting market. The industry is very much booming, but certain individuals - such as small-scale contractors - may be negatively affected due to a shortage of IT professionals and staying ahead of the mass competition that is out there. They may not have the budget to counteract operational challenges, expand their operations, or hire full-time experts that can help them throughout this hiring process.

Freelance IT contractors are a huge part of the economy, but they are finding it difficult to connect directly with companies. The overall process of planning and searching online for the next contract takes time, having to take into consideration a number of different aspects - including interviews and overall communication, which are all very time consuming tasks. For freelance contractors, it is important to be fully prepared in the industry and is the key to efficiency and profitability.

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How can Techfynder help you?

As a business, we have developed a platform which is designed solely for IT contract professionals to connect globally with businesses, matching skills, rates, experience and location. Of course, every business has different specifications they are looking to meet, but our platform matches and provides access to in-demand contractors who are open to hearing new opportunities.

For an IT contractor, you can sign up and highlight your specific skills, experience, daily rates, location and length of contract - which are all characteristics that will be matched with an employer. Once an initial connection has been made, you can communicate and organise interviews, accept offers, sign a contract, and start your new position - all through the specialist platform.

The excellent thing about our free platform is the fact that you can plan ahead and be your own boss, deciding on your own salary expectations and the preferred positions you would like to undertake. It is down to the IT contractor on how they would like to manage their time, as they are able to accept or decline offers or add to their own shortlist.

Employers also have the ability to subscribe to the platform, allowing them also to find the IT contractors who meet their requirements and budget. They can save their time and money, as they will have access to the all-in-one platform, without having to advertise and recruit separately - having to pay separate fees to third-party vendors.

Why work with Techfynder?

As professionals in the industry ourselves, we completely understand how complicated the process of employing - and finding contractors - can be. By hiring contractors, it provides employers with a lot of flexibility, especially if there is a lot of seasonal work or a fluctuating workload. They can be brought on board to support a time sensitive project or build a team quickly to support rapid growth, which we have experienced first hand within the industry.

If you would like to find out some more information about the way we work, or our IT contractor platform, please feel free to complete the contact us form on our website. Include all of your relevant information, and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

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