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There is no denying that the technology sector is one of the most influential and it is shaping the job market in the UK, the US and also the majority of other western economies. There seems to be a major shift away from traditional full-time employment and a single source of income, people are moving towards a more flexible employment structure that usually involves freelancing.

All tech companies are constantly searching for talented IT or contractors with up to date skills or specific specialised skill sets. Those with these talents and skills, that are in high demand, can pretty much take control of their working life. Being so sort after means that they are in a position where freelancing can benefit them more than contractual employment. Of course, taking the leap into freelance work requires thought but, with so many people in the tech industry opting for this working lifestyle, there must be numerous reasons why.

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The benefits of freelancing

Some of the main attractions to being contractually employed, such as health insurance, pensions, guaranteed wages and paid overtime, holidays or parental leave, have increased the cost of employment to employers. This is resulting in a drop in average wages and competitive salaries. You can almost guarantee that due to the fact freelancing doesn’t have these expenditures, the difference will be visible in your hourly or daily rate. Realistically, in places like the UK especially, you can earn much more freelancing than you can be contractually employed.

Alongside the financial benefit, the flexibility of freelance tech jobs is one of the most prominent benefits. Day-to-day life can be unpredictable and undoubtedly complex, for some juggling a 9-5 working day with the other aspects of life just isn’t realistic or convenient. Being able to control your workload along with potentially your working hours too is a huge benefit to some IT contractors. Freelancers can say when enough is enough. If they can’t handle the amount of work they can cut back and, as it is often said that controlling your workload is better for your health, this is a huge benefit.

As a freelancer, you will also learn new skills out of necessity that you may not gain as a traditional legal employee. Take skills such as marketing and sales, office management and client development as well as knowledge in a broad range of IT practice areas, all of these will come with being a freelancer. Adding additional strings to your bow is never a negative.

How Techfynder can help in this regard

Thankfully, alongside the rise of freelancers comes the rise of freelance job offers. In a similar way to their being numerous benefits to a freelancer, changing the traditional staffing methods is also incredibly beneficial to businesses. When it comes to starting from scratch and getting freelance work, your best way in is through an independent contractor job site. Through these sites, you can view a range of freelance IT jobs online all in one place.

Techfynder is a contractor job site that is dedicated to IT professionals. They provide a platform for IT contractors to connect globally with Businesses, finding jobs that match their skills, rates, experience and location. Whether you’re searching for part-time IT jobs or full-time frequent freelance tech jobs, you can guarantee that you will have a number to choose from on the Techfynder website. The vast range of employers that use their platform makes finding a job that meets your needs and requirements easier than ever before.

When deciding to complete your freelance job search through Techfynder, you can create a professional profile to advertise yourself for incoming opportunities. Once your profile is completed you can view all ideal contracts, shortlist well-matched jobs and communicate directly to hiring managers. You can complete every stage of the process through Techfynder platform, which sets this contractor job site ahead of others in the industry. So, when it comes to finding new freelance IT work, Techfynder is the best platform to use.

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