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How to Write a Job Description [Updated for 2023]

Crafting an effective job description can be the key to attracting hundreds of talented candidates to your job role. As we approach the year 2023, companies are facing unprecedented competition in the job market, and the job description plays a significant role in standing out from the crowd.

By incorporating the right language, showcasing the company culture, and highlighting the benefits of working for your organization, a job description can become a powerful tool in attracting top talent.

In this blog, we will discuss some key tips on writing job descriptions that convey the role's requirements and position your company as an attractive employer, drawing in the best candidates to join your team.

Deciding on the Category of Candidates

What kind of candidate you are opening the vacancy for? This is the first part of your recruitment process. Choosing the role, it needs to be clear whether it is for freshers with 3+ years of experience or specific skill requirements. This helps you target the right audience at right time. When we know this, we will write the job posting accordingly that matches your candidates' needs. 

Choose your job posting platform wisely, as the right platform. As keywords inculcated in the job description will provide a good reach among job seekers. If there is a constraint of time, Utilise job portals to hire a quality candidate. Candidates looking for a job want to know the company first. They will research the growth and number of employees you have on social platforms.

Express regarding goals and vision how this particular role takes the business forward. When there is an on-demand product and you are growing as a company, any candidate who matches the job description would like to apply for the role. The team is an important thing for a candidate. A little description of the team makes the candidate look forward to joining.

Describe the strength of the team in the job posting. Let the applicant know if they have a reporting manager. A team for a matter of fact excites a person to apply. As there is a quick understanding of growth, especially career growth. Thus, right after you describe the role, and the company, we describe the team presumably they'll be joining. 

Good Job Description, Targets Quality Candidate

When writing a job description, a company must include a clear job title & certain requirements to ensure that the position is filled by a qualified candidate. Here are some of the essential requirements that should be mentioned in a job description:

  1. Educational qualifications: Companies should specify the educational qualifications required for the position, such as a degree or certification in a specific field.
  2. Experience: Companies should mention the minimum years of experience required for the job. This could include industry-specific experience, management experience, or other relevant work experience.
  3. Skills: Companies should list out the essential skills required for the job, such as technical skills, soft skills, or language proficiency.
  4. Job responsibilities: Companies should provide a detailed list of the job duties and responsibilities, including specific tasks that the candidate will be expected to perform.
  5. Salary range: Companies should mention the salary range for the position to attract candidates who are a good fit for the role.
  6. Working hours: Companies should mention the working hours, including any overtime or weekend work required for the position.
  7. Physical requirements: If the job requires physical activity or standing for long hours, companies should mention this in the job description.
  8. Location: Companies should mention the location of the job, including any travel or relocation requirements.
  9. Licenses and certifications: If the job requires any licenses or certifications, companies should mention these in the job description.
  10. Culture fit: Companies should mention the company culture and values to ensure that the candidate is a good fit for the organization.

Bring Essential Elements to the Job Description

Writing a job description that stands out from the rest can be a challenging task, but it is essential for attracting the right candidate. One way to make your job description more creative is by including the following elements:


Telling a story about the company or the position can effectively capture the candidate's attention. You can highlight the company's history, values, or mission to create an emotional connection with the reader.

Use visuals (if possible)

Incorporating visual elements such as graphics or images can make the job description more engaging and memorable. This can be particularly effective for positions that require a creative or design-oriented mindset.

Show personality

Injecting personality into the job description can give the candidate a sense of the company culture and what it would be like to work there. Using humor or a conversational tone can help to break down barriers and create a sense of familiarity.

Highlight Perks and Benefits

Including a list of perks and benefits can make the job more appealing to potential candidates. These could include flexible work hours, health benefits, or professional development opportunities.

Emphasize Impact

Instead of simply listing the job duties, focus on the impact the candidate could have in the role. Highlighting the difference, the candidate could make can be a powerful motivator and encourage top talent to apply.

Include a Call to Action

Ending the job description with a call to action can encourage the candidate to apply. This could be a simple statement such as "Apply now and join our team of innovators!"

What Jobseekers Look for in a Job Description?

Job seekers pay close attention to the job description section outlining the benefits of joining a company. To make your job description more enticing, be sure to highlight the perks of working for your company, which may include competitive salaries, comprehensive benefits packages, collaborative working conditions, and opportunities for career growth and professional development.

Describing these benefits briefly and accurately is essential to attract qualified candidates. Additionally, job seekers want to work for companies that value work-life balance. Offering benefits such as flexible work hours or paid time off can make your company a more desirable place to work.

Finally, it's important to be honest about the salary range you offer, as this can help candidates determine if the position aligns with their expectations. Offering a fair salary range will not only attract qualified candidates. Naturally, candidates who are out of budget won't be applying. Before posting a job description, conduct market research to determine an appropriate salary range for the position.

Call Out the Urgency of the Vacancy

Describe at the end, how you are urgently looking for somebody to fill this role. Mention after they apply, within a short period you'll connect with them for further process. Assignments usually are best to quality check the candidates. We should mention the number of rounds one will go through during the interview. These days it's rare, but you can stand out by providing entire interview performance reviews.

Clearing the assignment is as important as clearing the rounds. Here, you come to know with the required skill said, he/she can perform the job. As a recruiter, you can bring in teammates to better understand the candidate's technical knowledge. One round with the team also gives an idea of the management skill of a candidate. What later we can count on a team player. 

Writing a job description is easy if we know how to present our company right. There are many roles for the same position. All that matter is, how you as a recruiter make the position look. Posting a job description in Techfynder is effective and reachable to a large number of the job seeker. Follow the steps to write a job description and create demand in the global job portal.

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