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TietoEVRY: Creating digital advantage for businesses and society

Digital services and operations are raising the competitive bar in every sector. Likewise, businesses have embraced new opportunities, and multiple operating models are dramatically changing and transforming the customer experience. Companies have accelerated their digital transformation initiatives, but how many have managed to create sustainable digital business models? 

Sustainability considerations as a strategic element throughout organisations are essential to ensure that firms remain competitive and resilient. Technology evolves rapidly, and accompanying these changes is difficult for many leaders and entrepreneurs. However, some companies are thriving on a successful path, pushing ahead with future technology developments, and improving people's lives and experiences.

This is the case of TietoEVRY. The company is a leading digital service and software developer with a local presence and global capability, creating digital advantages for businesses and society. The company has focused on creating a solid united TietoEVRY built on Nordic heritage and values: openness, trust and diversity. As the leading Nordic digital services and software business, they understand their responsibility to ensure sustainable digitalisation.

For Techfynder, the future belongs to businesses that use technology at the centre of their outlook, and we are pleased to officially announce our partnership with TietoEVRY. Techfynder will support TietoEVRY with its straightforward solution to source talent, interview selected sourced profiles, screen them for a specific skills test and then run background verification checks across India.

Our team of experts will manage all administrative work and procedures so TietoEVRY can focus on business growth and achieve and maintain a high level of operation, optimisation, and quality of business - Techfynder Strategic License will allow the company to choose highly qualified and experienced professionals across the globe. 

If you want to learn more about our solution, contact us today and make a difference in your recruitment process.  

Watch the beautiful story of TietoEVRY and its tangible steps to build an innovative, sustainable, digital society.


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